Norfolk County Music Festival 2021

UPDATED 27 Jan 2021: This year’s festival will be held online.  Participants will receive further details shortly. Thank you to everyone who has entered, we will be in touch very soon. 

UPDATED 8 Feb 2021: Guidance on how to make your video for our online festival may be seen here

 Please click here to view the 2021 syllabus.

 “Thank goodness we have music…  those of you reading this will be doing so as you will have some connection with the Norfolk Festival of which I have the honour of being President.  That means music is part of your life.  In these difficult times it is so important to wake up not to ‘yet another’ day but to a day where we can again experience the things in life that have the capacity to lift us… the beauty of colours, of the sky, of art and especially of music.  So, don’t let a day go by without playing some tunes, working on some technique, and, if you can, playing with others.  I much look forward to seeing some of you at the Festival” – Paul Harris, NCMF President (and Woodwind adjudicator in 2021).















Less than a week to go until the beginning of the 2021 Norfolk County Music Festival! We’re excited to hear everyone perform and are so glad we can continue to celebrate music during the pandemic.

Looking forward to hearing the performances in our online festival in March. Further details will be sent to participants next week.

A quote from Paul Harris, NCMF President (and Woodwind adjudicator for 2021).

Ensembles Celebrate! Sadly we can't have groups at our live festival this year but if you are still making music in a group join our online festival instead. Register by 8 Jan. Send us a video of your performance by 28 Feb.

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