These classes were first held in 2006 and have proved increasingly popular with our most advanced entrants.

Entry is for SOLO performers only. There is a single category of entry with no age segregation.

Recital Class – Minimum Grade 8 Standard

Your own choice of music, 20 mins (max) (including tuning and setting up). Appropriate choice of programme will form part of the adjudication.

Adult singers Recital Class (RC/SA)
Young Singers Recital Class     (RC/YS)
Jazz Recital Class (RC / J)
Percussion Recital Class (RC/PC)
Brass Recital Class    (RC/B)
Piano Recital Class    (RC/PN)
Strings Recital Class (RC/ST)
Woodwind Recital Class (RC/W)

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Tell us here if you need any specialist equipment, or if the class you've entered requires you to specify your instrument, genre, repertoire or style of music.
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Schools must contact us if they wish to bring extra children


Performers should plan their programme carefully. It should be balanced, showing variety and contrast of style and mood but also favourably reflect the entrant’s performing style.

Stage presence and presentation of the music is an important part of performance and will be part of the evaluation.

All entrants into the recital classes will be heard in the same session and for other entrants to listen to each other. The classes are likely to be held in the early evening.

Please introduce your programme to the whole audience, not just the adjudicator. The adjudicator will comment separately on musical performance and presentation from the stage as part of the response to the performance.

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Adult singers Recital Class, Young Singers Recital Class, Jazz Recital Class, Percussion Recital Class, Brass Recital Class, Piano Recital Class, Strings Recital Class, Woodwind Recital Class